Spreading Resources Around


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Learn more about the Traction Network resource sharing model that supports individuals looking to move in new life directions CLICK HERE


As Cambridge Community Fellowship Church takes the Traction Network under its leadership in 2018, Leslie will continue supporting the network as the Traction Network Coordinator.  In this role, Leslie will support the training and support of new Traction leaders.



Trading in a car 1


Leslie operates a car share with various other Traction alumni and family members. It works to keep everyone’s costs down. Research is being done to expand this support to more individuals.


To learn more about the Core Collaboratives company CLICK HERE


Leslie is the Principal of  a company that reserves space in downtown buildings for low-resourced entrepreneurs to share launch space for new endeavors.  The company has adopted the Traction model of resource sharing and adapted it to commercial spaces





Leslie believes that the purchase of her current home was nothing more than a string of miracles orchestrated by God himself. She calls her home “The Guest House” and welcomes friends and Traction family to come for a day or two to relax, celebrate special occasions in their lives, and enjoy the special space.

The Guest House is providing special memories to multiple generations of the Traction Family